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We spray liquid confidence and we're here to serve the northeast Kansas communities. We know there is no better feeling than when a client sees themselves in the mirror after their tan. We take pride in the work we do, our proprietary technique, and how well we execute. We're consistent.

We must embrace change because we don’t accept the status quo as being "good enough." We know there's always room to be more efficient, create better results or serve more clients and if changing the way we do things does that, we’re going to try it. If it doesn’t work, we go back to the drawing board and consider something else.

We value loyalty and flexibility. We trust that in turn, the business and our teammates will give us the same. We know that this business can be somewhat seasonal, and we take each moment in time in stride. We take care of each other, know that all jobs are “our job” and we help each other when needed. Teamwork truly does make the dream work in a small business like ours. We have dreams so big, it's almost embarrassing to speak it out loud. We like it that way.

We have tremendous respect for each other. We speak to each other in a way that reflects that and we resolve our issues like adults. We do not talk behind each other’s backs or complain about each other. If someone says something that hurts our feelings, we tell them. We work together to figure it out, every time, and we take a pause to learn about other people any chance we get.

We do our best not to bring our personal “stuff” to work, and our clients should never know the difference between our good and bad days. But we also know that our clients will have bad days and project them onto us, so we protect our energy as best as we can. We value our mental and physical health above all things and know that we will always be supported and encouraged to take care of ourselves.

We take responsibility when we mess up but we don’t let negative feedback or a poor result get us down. We know that we are human and we will make mistakes. We take feedback, learn from it and move on.

Lastly…we have fun and love what we do! If the day comes where that is no longer true, we know it’s okay to take a different path and we will be supported. The only way to live a truly happy life is through doing work that fills your soul. We fill others’ souls daily with the work we do and the support we graciously give, so we ensure we’re filling our own, too.



Flexibility Trust Empowerment

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